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IT law
When IT Law is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is information. This branch of law is based on general issues regarding the sharing of information. In other words, this branch of law is included in internet law. It is based on the general legal usage rights of the Internet. It aims for people to act freely and be informed within the framework of the rules. It is processed based on issues such as protecting the private information of the person and freedom of personal life while using the Internet.

Nowadays, everyone has access to more information. Technology has advanced greatly in this regard. Therefore, various crimes and frauds committed on the internet bother people a lot. Since any cybercrime committed on the Internet is against the rules of law, the person who does it is likely to receive very large penalties. A person who has experienced cyber crime can apply to the necessary places and impose sanctions. In order to better present a bad event that has happened to him in the virtual environment, a person can go to a lawyer. In this way, he expresses himself better and achieves fast results.

With the development of technology, cybercrime has decreased to a great extent. For this, the relevant channels have taken adequate measures.


What Does IT Law Cover in General Terms?
IT Law deals with many issues such as the unfair use of technology, unauthorized access to one's private life, copying and duplication of private information, and healthy use of the internet.

In addition, it ensures the peace of the country by taking measures such as the correct development of e-commerce and the absence of unnecessary competition. As a result of the negligence of any of the above-mentioned situations, the person files a lawsuit by applying to the court. If he has enough evidence and documents, he wins the case.

IT Law is divided into two in itself. The first is internet law and the second is information technology law. Information technology law deals with issues such as making use of the Internet in commercial matters and keeping information securely.


What is Cyber Crime?
The subject of IT Law deals with cyber crimes a little bit. It deals with situations such as making unfair profits from the Internet, storing and selling information without permission, hacking data on the computer. In other words, it is against every illegal business under the name of cyber crimes.

What is seen as a cyber crime may actually be related to other crimes. In other words, committing fraud by obtaining information on the computer also includes a kind of qualified fraud. Therefore, it may be necessary to file two separate lawsuits.

General crimes in IT law are as follows.

unauthorized access to the computer system,
Any action that will intentionally damage the information system,
Misusing bank information, transferring money without permission,
Operations such as hacking and corrupting information systems are considered serious computer crimes.

General Duties of an IT Law Attorney
Regardless of the crime committed in the field of informatics, the person who committed it should be prosecuted. First of all, you need to go to a specialist lawyer. When there is sufficient information about the process, the injured person defends his/her rights in a more professional way.

At the end of the case, the IT Law gives the necessary punishment to the person concerned.