Foreigners Law Lawyer

Foreigners Law
It is a law that concerns foreign nationals, as it is understood by the name of Foreign Law. The other name of this law is called the Foreign and International Protection Act. The Foreign and International Protection Act is a law that entered into force in the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 4 April 2013. It was first published in the official newspaper on April 11, 2013. In other words, it goes as Law No. 6458.

For foreigners, this law is very important to regulate the entry and exit of Turkey. It also provides protection to foreigners seeking protection from Turkey. It is a law that covers all the procedures and principles related to this. In addition, each law collected under the Foreign Law has been collected under the General Directorate of Migration Administration in connection with Internal Affairs.

These laws and duties are made up of 126 items in total. This is how the basic provisions of the foreign law that exists in Turkey were formed.

What is Law No. 4658 in the Foreign Law?
The requirement for obtaining visas is necessary for every foreigner. The Foreign and International Protection Act, which will enter the new law and attracts the attention of many foreign nationals, is a law that describes new convictions covering the entry and exit of Turkey.

In this context, there will be a visa requirement and more stringent protection measures will be taken than before.

Who is granted International Protection Status for foreigners?
This article in Turkish Law is given to persons with other personal situations, such as refugees, race, religion. It is, however, a status that concerns those who cannot live in their country because of their political opinions. Those who are endangered by their right to live have that right. And they can use their rights to the fullest.

Another point is that anyone who has left their country or who currently reside in another country will claim it.

Foreigners provided with International Protection
The types of protection collected under the name of Foreign Law are listed below, respectively.

Refugee Status
It is the protection status provided by people who are endangered by any incident that has happened to people living in European countries. Those who do not feel safe about special matters such as religion race, have guaranteed their lives by demanding protection along with their right reasons.

When he applies to the Migration Administration under refugee status, his identity will be replaced by work permit. With this identity, they have the right to work in our country.

Provisional Refugee Status
It is the status applied for people who are unable to defend their rights and whose quality of life has fallen in cases other than European countries. When these people, whose lives are restricted, are moved to another country, they are allowed to stay in our country until.

Secondary Protection Status
When he became a refugee and returned to his own country;

If he's to be executed,
If he's going to be subjected to torture or inhuman, degrading events,
In the event of armed conflict or violence, either international or nationwide,
This is the situation provided in order to protect the person's safety in such cases and situations.

Foreigners who apply for International Protection
Foreigners applying for international protection and receiving approval can apply for a work permit only six months after receiving approval.