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Divorce Case in Family Law
Family Law All matters involving the family in the legal sense are included in family law. Generally included are matters such as marriage conditions, custody and adoption status, and alimony or benefits entitlements.

In addition, the lawsuit for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages covers family law. However, women's and children's rights are included in family law.

Conflicts of interest and frauds that occur in friendships without blood ties are the subject of Family Law. In addition, many situations such as housemates sharing the same house, extramarital friendships, lovers are also related to family law.

Issues such as child abduction and abuse, artificial insemination, all kinds of violence in the family, surrogacy are mentioned in the women's rights section of the international convention.

All cases in family law are handled in family courts. The family court pays attention to whether the persons who will act under the name of family law are married or have children.


Topics Mentioned in Family Law
As stated above, family matters are heard in family courts. The issues that the family member can defend himself by applying to the court are listed below.

division of property, prenuptial agreements and inter-couple agreements,
Divorce proceedings and contribution during the division of property,
Custody works in divorce case and custody change cases that are finalized
The joint property acquired by the spouses in marriage and the transactions to be made for their sharing,
Surname and subsequent denial of lineage,
The situations that occur almost in the divorce case are mentioned above. The person may open the cases he/she deems necessary.


Information About Divorce Case
Individuals who want to divorce have the right to terminate their marriages whose family integrity is broken. Thus, the lawsuit filed by going to the relevant channels is concluded in a short time. In general, these divorce cases are opened with hearsay information. The loss of material and moral rights brought by this ignorance can be quite annoying. Therefore, it is extremely important to consult a competent lawyer.

Not only marriage, but also engagement is very important because it means the promise made for marriage. First of all, general conditions should be formed for marriage. The first condition is that the person to be married must be at least 18 years old. Then there must be no close relatives and the persons must not be married to another person. When all the necessary conditions for marriage are met, people can now get married.

When the post-marriage conditions are clear, it is time for alimony. The alimony status is generally determined by the income level of the spouses. In addition, the salary of people directly affects the amount of alimony. Another important point that should not be forgotten is that the persons involved in the divorce process have evidence to defend themselves.


Information About Divorce Case According to Family Law
Family Law is the most difficult in divorce proceedings. As it is known, getting married is a very easy process. But divorce is not that easy.

It is essential that the parties apply to the court with convincing reasons. Anyone who applies with a valid reason gets divorced faster. The fastest method to get a divorce in one sitting is an uncontested divorce. After the divorce, the couples can go to the relevant civil registry office or district governorship and have their records deleted.

Another type of divorce is a contested divorce. This type of divorce takes longer than the other.

Persons applying to the court can share their property in line with their demands. This happens with the consent of the other party. In addition, while these property divisions are seen after the divorce case, people can file a lawsuit on this issue again.

The reasons for divorce are divided into general and specific. Spouses go and sue together. Or one of the spouses goes and files a lawsuit and the process starts when the other spouse accepts this lawsuit.


How to File a Divorce Case Legally? | How Does the Process Proceed If One of the Spouses Does Not Want to Divorce?
The person starts the process by sending a petition to the divorce case lawyer to the relevant media. In addition, if the person has a child, he can make a separate attachment to the petition.

If only one of the spouses wants a divorce, the case becomes contentious. In a contested divorce, the outcome is determined only when the conditions are mutually agreed. In this regard, it is very important to present the necessary evidence to the court. It allows the decision to be finalized more quickly.

Can Housewives Get Custody of Their Children?| Can Housewives Get Alimony From Their Divorced Spouse?
The spouse who is at fault in the divorce case can give compensation or alimony to the spouse who is divorcing. In addition, while the marriage continues, all property and assets are shared in common.

The final decision on the custody of children is reached by the court within the mutual agreement of the persons. Financial situation is very important when it comes to custody. Whoever's financial institution is favourable, will have a slightly more dominant right to custody.

Lawsuits on behalf of Children
In the Turkish Civil Code, anyone who has not completed the age of 18 is not considered a minor. Legal representatives and trustees work in cases filed on behalf of children. open